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Tess the Musical

Release date: 28.03.2016

Running time: 08:34 minutes

Michael Blore (music) and Michael Davies (book and lyrics) talk to Ruth about the creation of a new musical based on Thomas Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles"


Release date: 02.02.2016

Running time: 08:16 minutes

VICON is the world leader in motion capture technology.

Sustainable Didcot does Freecycle Live

Release date: 04.08.2015

Running time: 07:31 min

Sustainable Didcot is a Community Action Group of Didcot residents with a shared interest in the environment, living sustainably and raising awareness of climate change.

Steve Rodgers

Release date: 22.06.2015

Running time: 09:14 min

Steve Rodgers is a wonderful singer/songwriter, son of Paul Rodgers (English singer, songwriter, musician and multi-instrumentalist best known for his success in the 1960s and 1970s as vocalist of Free and Bad Company), and an excellent musician in his own right.

Heritage Motor Centre

Release date: 26.06.2015

Running time: 03:48 min

The Heritage Motor Centre, near Gaydon in Warwickshire, houses the world's largest collection of historic British vehicles.

Ross Mackenzie - photographer

Release date: 16.05.2015

Running time: 03.35 min

Extraordinary photographer Ross Mackenzie talks about his amazing arctic / antarctic / Shetland (and other islands) landscape and wildlife photographs - including puffins, penguins and polar bears

Team Frambo

Release date: 29.04.2015

Running time: 06:51 min

Look at how nearly-40 year old Francis Delaney is undertaking a WAWOW cycle ride from Oxford to Paris to raise money for charity Yellow Submarine despite his own cerebral palsy


Release date: 11.04.2015

Running time: 03:14 min

What's in a name? Sax/Sex talks to WAWOW about OXSRAD - Oxford and district Sports and Recreation Association for the Disabled.


Release date: 27.03.2015

Running time: 01:45 min

WRAK = WAWOW Random Acts of Kindness - Ruth spends £10 in Poundland (other pound type stores are available!) to buy ten items (chocolate, biscuits, sweets etc) and gives them away to strangers on the streets.

Friday 13th - paraskevidekatriaphobia

Release date: 13.03.2015

Running time: 02:10 min

Supposedly saying paraskevidekatriaphobia cures you of any Friday 13th associated fears

The next day - after the launch

Release date: 27.02.2015

Running time: 03:30 min

With great help from technically minded friends, we launched the phenomenon - now what do we do with all the balloons?

Narrow Living

Release date: 26.02.2015

Running time: 04:01 min

Eloise Coyle unfolds myths of living on a narrow boat and tell us about the Boater's Walk of Shame

We've done it!

Release date: 26.02.2015

Running time: 0:39

Despite lack of expected wifi, we launched with some jiggery pokery, cooperation and a lot of positivity - that's the WAWOW phenomenon.

Will the launch happen?

Release date: 26.02.2015

Running time: 0:23 min

Will WAWOW happen? Roadworks have cut the internet to the venue and it's an ONLINE phenomenon that may not see it's launch - a sad WAWOW :(

Launch day (before)

Release date: 26.02.2015

Running time: 01:33 min

Ruth waits outside The Adventurer for the adventure to begin - it's the WAWOW Phenomenon

Launch day minus 1

WAWOW launch day minus 1 - 25.02.215

Running time: 0:53 min

Are you excited? I am!

IANS Pad - The Success Syndrome

Release Date: 2014

Running time: 2:20 min

It Ain't Necessarily So: The Success Syndrome

An offbeat look at life in whiteboard animate form

IANS Pad - The March of Progress

Release date: 2014

Running time: 2:06 min

It Ain't Necessarily So: The March of Progress in whiteboard animate form

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