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MYLES and ME is an eye opening journey into living with an uninvited MonSter. What's it like to have to change your life without free choice? Can Vicky make it work?


Myles and Me centres on the experience of Victoria Strong as she talks to the audience from her hospital room. Sat in a wheelchair but not bound to it, Vicky has a lot to live up to - her smiles at birth; her surname; Paula Radcliffe; an ex who ran leaving her and their dog behind; and, most of all, there is Myles who threatens to blight her wedding day.


As Vicky says, “My journey is not easy but I’m going to make it one hell of a trip”.

Written by Lekha Desai Morrison, researched through conversations with disabled actress, Ruth Curtis who lives with multiple sclerosis.

As with all WAWOW projects, MYLES and ME celebrates the extra in the ordinary - for some people that extraordinary has to be part of their life.

Trigger Warning: MYLES and ME explores how a person deals with being diagnosed with a lifelong, currently incurable medical condition, and the importance of living with rather than suffering from such a condition. For Vicky, it is MS but it could be anything and anyone, perhaps even you.


Contains strong language