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MYLES and ME is a new play, researched and written by Lekha Desai Morrison with, and for performance by, Ruth Curtis.


Victoria Strong has a lot to live up to - her smiles at birth; her surname; Paula Radcliffe; an ex who runs leaving her and their dog behind; and, most of all, the uninvited MONSTER who threatens to blight her wedding day.


As Vicky says, “My journey is not easy but I’m going to make it one hell of a trip”.


Along the way, you can expect laughs of outrage and recognition. 

As with all WAWOW projects, MYLES and ME celebrates the extra in the ordinary - for some people that extraordinary has to be part of their life.

Trigger Warning: MYLES and ME explores how a person deals with being diagnosed with a lifelong, currently incurable medical condition, and the importance of living with rather than suffering from such a condition. For Vicky, it is MS but it could be anything and anyone, perhaps even you.


Contains strong language