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It Ain't Necessarily


Know someone with the            factor?

Know someone who you think should be on WAWOW? Maybe they have a special skill or live with an unusual condition. Perhaps they can teach us that something Ain't Necessarily So. Or maybe they are all about pure WOW!

Find out more about

Ruth Curtis

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WAWOW finds the wood you can't see for the trees. Often we miss the most interesting stories when they are right on our own doorstep, in our neighbourhood, down our local pub.


Meet the              people that you've missed! Ruth Curtis says 


"Everyone is unique.

Some are just more unique than others."


"WAWOW started because I liked the word WAWOW. It's more than WOW.


I love talking with people. I talk to people on the bus, on my door step, walking down the street. It was when I noticed that I scared the living daylights out of people by saying "Hello" that I realised there was the need for this show - an online show about the extraordinary people in your neighbourhood."

- Ruth Curtis

 at Pinewood

Ruth Curtis trained as a TV presenter at Pinewood Studios' Television Training Academy (TTA), which is exactly where WAWOW started.


WAWOW started as an online series with episodes filmed in TTA's studio.

Watch the old episodes in the archive.


WAWOW soon realised being studio-based was not good enough for this phenomenon.

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